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Management, employees, suppliers and partners treat each other with respect at Kelheim Fibres. Fair and compliant cooperation is the basis for our success. Our internal compliance control system defines the right way to act. It provides orientation for all those involved and monitors compliance with internal and external rules of conduct. In this way, we create the basis for respectful and ethically correct behaviour at Kelheim Fibres and at international Level.
Code of Conduct


Whistleblower System

We take the topic of compliance very seriously. That is why it is important to us to offer our employees, customers and business partners the possibility to report violations and indicate possible grievances at our company.

As an innovative company, we are committed to continuing to grow and improve. Please help us by describing below the matter you want to report. Every piece of information will be followed up.

Here, fairness and confidentiality are our highest priority.
That is why we have decided that messages sent using the online message form will be forwarded directly to an external, neutral ombudsman service and processed there. This ombudsman service is made up of external lawyers who are available for you to contact.
You decide whether or not to reveal your identity. If you do not wish to do this, investigations of the report will only be limited and it will unfortunately not be technically possible to give you feedback.

You can report both violations by employees and violations by suppliers or distributors. Your report will be processed quickly, efficiently and confidentially. After the information is reviewed by the ombudsman service, it will be forwarded to our company.
If you do not want your identity to be revealed to us as a company, the ombudsman service will safeguard this as well.

We assure you that you, as the person providing the information, will not suffer any disadvantages as a result of reporting it. For the person being reported, the presumption of innocence applies until the violation has been proven.

You are also welcome to contact our ombudsman service by telephone, by email or, if you so wish, in person:

MTG Wirtschaftskanzlei
Ludwigstraße 4
93309 Kelheim
Tel.: +49 9441 2970-0
Fax: +49 9441 2970-20

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