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Recent innovations

Innovations are the key to tomorrow’s success.

Our team is constantly improving our products and implementing individual customer requirements. Through targeted interventions in the viscose fibre process, we can respond precisely to your specific needs and offer solutions for a wide range of different end products. The toolbox which our developers rely on includes:

Fibre cross section

The cross-section of our fibres is the key to their properties. In addition to our well-known fibres with round, flat or trilobal cross-sections, we have developed fibres with completely new cross-sections.

Fibre dimension

In contrast to natural cellulosic fibres, we can produce our viscose fibres in a constant and defined length and in the desired diameter, depending on the requirements of the end product.

Fibre functionality

A number of further modifications give our fibres additional, very special properties. Examples are the incorporation of additives – such as microcapsules – into the fibre matrix or ionic activation of the fibres.




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Ilka Kaczmarek
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