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Making the difference

Innovation – More than a buzzword

”We need to identify the megatrends that are moving our society and we need to find out the role our fibres can play in solving the challenges of our times. That is only possible through dialogue”.

Dr. Marina Crnoja-Cosic, Director New Business Development

Monitoring trends and identifying unmet needs together with our partners and customers is essential in developing new innovative solutions.

Dialogue is key:

Crowd Sourcing

We actively involve and participate in communities to achieve scalable collaboration.

Trend Monitoring

What do our future customers need and want? We unveil new waves of needs and find the most appropriate technical solutions.

External Innovation Networks

In networks we can join forces and create synergies to push existing boundaries.


We work together with partners and customers that bring in their unique sets of knowledge allowing to jointly unlock new potentials.

Customized innovations require flexible technologies

To channel an idea to commercialisation we rely on synergies and mutual inspiration. With our functionalized cellulose-based speciality viscose fibres we develop unique solutions for specific problems in a close interaction with our partners.

Technology Flexibility: Adjustment of fibre solutions to specific application requirements

  • Intrinsic fibre functionalization (e.g. by incorporation of functional additives into the fibre matrix)
  • Modification of fibre cross sections
  • Adjustment of fibre dimensions




Are you interested in pushing boundaries together? Get in touch with our Innovation team!

Project Manager New Business Development
Natalie Wunder
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