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Maximum absorbancy and product safety for tampons and nonwovens.

GALAXY® – the absorbent fibre

The special feature of the patented GALAXY® fibre is its trilobal cross-section. It thus achieves an absorbancy up to 30 % higher than that of standard viscose fibres. GALAXY® is the leading cellulosic fibre for all applications which require increased absorbency. It is perfectly suited for all types of nonwoven processes and for producing FDA registered medical devices. GALAXY® is available in different types which have been adapted to customer specific processes in order to enable the widest possible range of end products.

World market leader in tampons

GALAXY® has been customized in order to deliver the best results in all tampon processes and to contribute to enhancing in added value. Kelheim Fibres offers an outstanding customer service concept that provides a wide range of developments and after-sales service. Kelheim Fibres’ laboratories and R&D units are optimally designed to meet the needs of the feminine hygiene industry.

Viskosefaser GALAXY Querschnitt


Absorption, Bulk, High Surface, Stiffness,

Titer (dtex) / Cutting Length (mm)

3,3 30 und 38

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