Kelheim Fibres GmbH

DANUFIL® Short Staple

The quality fibre for ring, open end and airjet processing.

DANUFIL® fibres have become indispensable in the world of high-quality woven and knitted fabrics.

Whether you choose pure DANUFIL® or blends of other fibres with DANUFIL®, you can be sure that your clothing will attract everyone’s attention with its exquisite, body-hugging, flowing fit.

Technically speaking, the materials and yarns made from DANUFIL® fibres are impressive thanks to the highest degree of purity and consistency of the short staple. They are naturally absorbent and have excellent antistatic properties.




Spinning efficiency,

Titer (dtex) / Cutting Length (mm)

0,9 40
1,3 40
1,5 40
1,7 40

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