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Reinvent packaging for sensitive goods with our speciality fibres. Good for your health and good for your conscience.


Did you know that… you might be drinking billion of microplastic particles with your cup of tea?

A lot of brands use sealing plastics to keep their tea bags from falling apart.

  • Soaking just one of these “plastic teabags” at a typical brewing temperature can release
  • 11.6 billion
  • microplastic 
  • and
  • 3.1 billion
  • nanoplastic particles into your cup of tea. In no other foodstuff has yet been found so much plastic. 
  • Everyone “eats” up to
  • 5 grams
  • (the weight of a credit card) of microplastic every week.
  • That is about 250 grams per year.

Our solution for plastic-free tea bags and other food packaging:

Our short-cut fibres can give your speciality paper the strength it needs to get its job done. These fibres are free of synthetics, fully biodegradable and approved by FDA according to CFR 21 for food contact and by ISEGA for hot filtration.

Learn more about our fibres for speciality papers.

Are you interested in exploring our fibre science and applications? Please contact our Innovation Team.

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Innovation Manager
Ilka Kaczmarek
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