Kelheim Fibres GmbH

DANUFIL® Precursor

Application-optimized for the production of carbon fibres.

Functional precursor fibres for enhanced performance

Due to their unique porosity, carbon fibres made of viscose are mainly used for high temperature insulation. Kelheim Fibres is not only able to offer tailor-made precursor fibres but has also acquired in-depth expertise in the modification of viscose precursor fibres through numerous research cooperations and activities.

We have succeeded in doubling the yield during carbonisation, increasing the inner surface from 1 m²/g to 200 m²/g and reducing the formation of unwanted tar by 75 %.
The product brochure for DANUFIL® Precursor can be found here.


Technical fibres,


Titer (dtex) / Cutting Length (mm)

1,7 4/5
3,3 60

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