VISETA® gives a soft and dry feeling with a luxurious silk-like drape. Perfect for elegant, yet natural garments. Made in Germany.

What is Viscose?

Our viscose fibres are made of natural cellulose, which is obtained from wood, a renewable raw material. In an industrial process, we transform this cellulose into fibre form - as viscose fibres. Our process allows us to individually customize the properties of the fibres - from their length and shape to their functionality - to best suit the specific requirements of our customers' end products. Our specially tailored viscose fibres offer numerous benefits, including providing exceptional softness and comfort in clothing. By serving as a sustainable alternative to synthetic fibres and disposable plastics, our viscose fibres contribute to a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Is VISETA® natural and ecological?

  • VISETA® is made of FSC® or PEFC certified wood pulp. The FSC® and PEFC seals guarantee that only wood from sustainably managed plantations is used.

  • VISETA® is 100% biodegradable, and has been proven to decompsose completely in a few days

  • VISETA® is certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1. This guarantees that VISETA® contains no toxic substances and is suitable for baby products.

  • VISETA® is certified as a bio-based product by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which confirms the product is comprised of minimum 97% organic material.

  • VISETA® is registered with TextileGenesisTM, an award-winning traceability platform that creates radical transparency from fibre to retail and ensures the authenticity and provenance of sustainable textiles. More information about TextileGenesisTM can be found here:

  • We produce VISETA® exclusively in Germany, and strictly comply with all German environmental legislation. Our closed-loop production philosophy and energy- efficient plant operation save valuable resources. Kelheim Fibres is the first viscose manufacturer worldwide with an EMAS-validated environmental management system, ensuring eco-friendly production and transparency.

  • Kelheim Fibres has joined and actively supports the ZDHC “Roadmap to Zero” Programme. This non-profit organisation with more than 160 contributors worldwide has set itself the goal of completely eliminating harmful substances from the textile value chain.

  • In comparison to cotton, the production of VISETA® requires only a fraction of the water and land used.

  • VISETA® is also suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

VISETA® - A Gentle Touch of Nature

Beyond the boundaries of nature - but still natural. For more than 5,000 years, silk was the finest fibre available - until man-made fibres were invented. VISETA® is a cellulosic textile fibre, engineered to go beyond what is possible in nature, and is even finer than silk. This delivers unparalleled comfort from a fibre of natural origin. VISETA® closes the gap between the advance of technology and ecological consciousness.

VISETA® - A Fine and Luxurious Fibre

Around three times more VISETA® fibres than cotton fibre go to make up a yarn with the same thickness. This reduces the stiffness of the yarn and delivers additional softness and creates a smoother yarn surface. The result: a luxurious fine and dry touch. The increased fibre surface area also improves the capillary action and the moisture-wicking effect of the garment.

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