VILOFT® is a sustainable viscose fibre engineered to give a maximum level of comfort in apparel. VILOFT® is 100% Made in Germany and provides the following properties:

  • Breathability
  • Softness
  • Moisture transport
  • Dry Touch
  • Hygiene
  • Natural Origin

What is viscose?

Viscose fibres are biobased and consist like cotton almost entirely of cellulose.

Viscose is produced by extracting cellulose from wood and reshaping it into fibres. The advantage of this process is, that shape and diameter of the fibres can be modified in order to obtain special properties.

Is VILOFT® natural and ecological?


VILOFT® is made of FSC® certified wood pulp. The FSC® seal guarantees, that only wood from sustainably managed plantations is used. VILOFT® is suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

VILOFT® is 100% biodegradable. Compared to cotton, the production of VILOFT® requires only a small fraction of the water consumption and land use. No herbicides or pesticides are necessary.

VILOFT® is certified according to the OEKO- TEX Standard 100 class 1. This guarantees that VILOFT® contains no toxic substances and is suitable for baby products.

What is special about VILOFT®?

VILOFT® is the only flat viscose fibre in the world. The unique shape of the fibres increases the fibre surface by more than 50% and changes the structure of the yarn. This gives fabrics containing VILOFT® their special properties.

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