Kelheim Fibres GmbH


Wet tow for further processing into precision flock.

Good processability and excellent flock quality

DANUFIL® Wet Tow is a popular raw material for the production of precision flock. The tow is fed into a guillotine cutting machine in order to cut it into the finest flock fibres in the micro and millimetre range. DANUFIL® Wet Tow is easy to process, supplies high-quality and uniform precision flock and is also available spun-dyed in a wide range of colours.


Colours, Flock, Tow,

Titer (dtex) / tow size (ktex)

0,5 160
0,7 156
0,9 100/200
1,7 121/250
3,3 135/250
5,0 135/250
9,0 135/250
17,0 166
28,0 135/250

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