Kelheim Fibres GmbH

DANUFIL® Medical

Good absorbency and maximum product safety for tampons and nonwovens.

DANUFIL® – the number 1 standard viscose fibre for tampons and nonwovens

It offers a 10 – 15 % higher absorbency compared to viscose fibres of other origin.

Danufil is available as an optimum solution for every further processing and tampon process in the titer ranges 2.4 to 3.6 dtex and in the respective optimum cutting length. A large number of preparations are available. All have been approved by the American FDA and the German BfR.


Nonwovens & Hygiene,


Absorption, Hygiene,

Titer (dtex) / Cutting Length (mm)

2,4 30
3,0 30
3,3 40
3,6 30

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