Kelheim Fibres GmbH

DANUFIL® Flock Staple

Staple fibre for further processing into ground flock.

DANUFIL® is ideally suited for high-quality flocking.

Surfaces with DANUFIL® flock are characterized by very good dyeing properties, supreme gloss, easy workability and a pleasant velvety feel. Thanks to the flexible manufacturing processes, DANUFIL® viscose fibres can be adapted to all requirements of the respective production processes and end products.

We offer staple fibres for ground flock (Type F) as well as dry and wet tow for flock (Type KTT and KF). The DANUFIL® types KF and KTT are endless viscose tow, specially developed for precision flock cutting.


Technical fibres,


Flock, Tow,

Titer (dtex) / Cutting Length (mm)

0,5 40
0,9 40
3,3 40

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