Kelheim Fibres - Company Policy

The Company

    Cellulosic fibres have been produced in our factory in Kelheim, Germany for more than 80 years. As one of the world’s leading suppliers, Kelheim Fibres contributes to the success of many brands and products. In order to continue building a successful future, our corporate policy is based on innovation, continuous improvement, specialisation and reinvestment. As a successful market leader, we are furthermore an important employer in the region and offer high-quality and secure jobs.

Our Goals
    Our focus is not on short-term returns. People all over the world depend on the quality of our products. Because of this, we understand that Kelheim Fibres bears a lot of responsibility – for our customers, for end users, for our employees, for our company's owners, for society and for the environment. We aim to recruit, train and retain the best employees for our company.

Our Values
    Kelheim Fibres' success is based on three principles that we actively practice and support. They are trust, innovation and engagement and shape our day-to-day operations.

    The reputation of many international brands depends on our products and services. Both customers and consumers rely on our products meeting the highest quality standards, which we in turn assure through comprehensive quality assurance systems. Beyond this, trust also marks the relationships within our company, with our suppliers and other stakeholders. We actively work in their interests and consider safety, occupational health and environmental protection as keys to our success.

    Innovations form the cornerstone of our success, and we promote an open and creative corporate culture where ideas can flourish. This enables us to develop products and processes that are highly effective in meeting our customers' needs and set industry standards. Continuous improvement of our products and production processes also enables us to sustainably increase our company value and competitiveness.

    Engagement with our customers, through our products and service, as well as with our employees and suppliers is of the highest priority. Being engaged means always giving our best and remaining fully focussed at all times, allowing us to achieve extraordinary results and mutual success.

Ethics and Compliance
    All interactions between our company's management, employees, suppliers and other partners are marked by respect and we consider fairness and sound interpersonal interactions as essential to our success.

    Our special resource-conserving processes, which set industry standards, ensure that we make an important contribution towards the protection of the environment.

To download the brochure „Our Principles“ click here.

Kelheim, March 2018