VILOFT® - a natural source of inspiration



VILOFT® is a high-tech fibre of 100% natural origin - it lends special properties and functionalities to a variety of textiles.
VILOFT® allows the production of very light and soft garments with nextto- skin comfort. Tests have shown that textiles made of VILOFT® contain up to 70% air - they are lighter and breezier than other fabrics and have a body-skimming fluidity. Well-being and wearer comfort create "feel-good" garments which are worn frequently - VILOFT® is a natural cellulosic fibre free of harmful substances and makes an excellent choice for frequently worn clothes.

Technical Data Sheet Viloft® Textile

Added value with VILOFT®

  • The special fibre cross-section creates air pockets for excellent thermal insulation, quick moisture transport and breathability, which creates a comfortable micro climate next to the skin
  • Yarns made of VILOFT® contain up to 70% air and fabrics using VILOFT® feel soft and light as a feather on the skin
  • VILOFT® fibres are naturally soft and guarantee outstanding wearer comfort
  • VILOFT® transports moisture away from the skin and inhibits the growth of bacteria in a natural way
  • Easy care: textiles made of VILOFT® are machine-washable
  • VILOFT® fibres are of 100% natural origin and are manufactured from renewable materials - they are also 100% biodegradable and so complete the natural cycle