Innovations are the key to tomorrow ’s success.

Our dynamic R&D team is focussed on continuously improving
our products and meeting our customers specific needs.
By changing the physical or chemical properties of the
fibre, our team regularly creates fibres with
new functionalities.

  • Verdi - Anionically activated for more absorbency

    The anionic modification of Verdi fibres results in increased absorbency of water vapour: a clear benefit for wearer comfort and moisture management in textiles. The non-stick fibre surface qualifies Verdi for the use in wound-dressings and other medical applications.

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    Bramante - Extra absorbency and better retention

    While fluids in a nonwoven are trapped between the individual fibres, the hollow fibre Bramante stores them inside the fibre itself. Therefore, Bramante not only delivers significantly increased levels of absorbency, but it also excels in its retention capacity. It is ideal, for example, for use in washable incontinence products which are thin, yet safe – and at the same time skin- and eco-friendly.

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    Dante - Four times more absorbency

    The hollow cross section of the fibre combined with a chemical modifier delivers an intrinsic fibre absorbency level four times higher than standard viscose fibres.
    Dante is an anionic hollow viscose fibre which is collapsed in the dry state and swells when wet. Dante absorbs nearly twice as much water vapour and four times more water than standard viscose fibres.

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    Bellini - Self-Bonding Viscose Fibre

    Bellini is a highly flexible and fine fibre with excellent bonding properties. Less than 5% of Bellini added to paper pulps can significantly increase tear length, double-fold count and strength of the finished paper.

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    Special effects
     High and ultra
     High dispersability
     in water
     Gel effect

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  • Danufil® Deep Dye -
    the Fibre for more or less colour

    Danufil® Deep Dye is a chemically modified viscose speciality fibre with a dye absorption capacity up to 40 times higher than standard viscose products.

    UOriginally developed to optimise the dyeing process of textiles, Danufil® Deep Dye brings benefits in reducing logistic complexity in manufacturing of melange yarns. Today, we see the fibre in other end products, too - in all areas which require fast and effective dye absorption, for example in papers and nonwovens which are used in cartridges for dyestuff filtration.

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    Poseidon -
    the Ion Exchange Fibre

    Poseidon fibres are loaded with anionic or cationic substances and release them in a controlled way. It is easily possible to incorporate Poseidon fibres in papers or nonwovens (in contrast to loose ion exchange granulates) and design filtration cartridges of any shape. A further benefit is the high transfer rate.

    Poseidon can be used for water softening or for the filtration of heavy metals. Poseidon can remove destructive acids from all kinds of liquids and it can be used to deliver an antimicrobial effect in a product by loading the fibres with metal ions such as silver or copper.

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  • Light as a feather: Microfine

    Microfine is our finest viscose fibre. It gives fabrics a soft, flowing drape and brilliant lustre and creates outstanding wearer comfort. Microfine feels cool and light on your skin and is the ideal choice for high quality underwear or outerwear.

  • Leonardo - transparent fibre for added strength

    Leonardo is an extremely flat viscose fibre with a thickness to width ratio of 1:40. The fibre also exhibits a very even surface with completely parallel sides and a highly regular cross-section. Leonardo can be used for transparent papers as well as for the improvement of paper quality.

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  • Olea – the first viscose fibre with intrinsic water repellency

    Olea is the first viscose fibre with intrinsic water repellent properties. In contrast to other methods of creating hydrophobic properties, Kelheim has been able to maintain the typical properties of the viscose fibre by incorporating the hydrophobicity in the fibre matrix itself.

    Thanks to incorporation of the additive during the spinning process, the hydrophobic effect is durable and cannot be washed out. The additive used for the production of Olea fibre is FDA approved and made of renewable materials, like the fibre itself, and so Olea is a fully biodegradable fibre.

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    Umberto the letter shaped fibre

    The most remarkable thing about Umberto is its cross section - or better: cross sections. We have created a fibre with varying letter-shaped cross section.

    First tests have shown the benefits of Umberto for both nonwoven and textile applications: in the nonwoven area for example, Umberto fibres of a certain length have achieved the best test results for the dispersibility of wet wipes.

    Danufil ® BF – the Barrier Layer Fibre

    Danufil ® BF is a viscose fibre with 30% anorganic additive content. In contact with an ignition source, the organic structure of the fibre burns away, leaving a residual anorganic structure which acts as an isolating barrier against fire. Danufil® BF can be used in the manufacturing of products which meet the US Federal Mattress Flammability Standard 16 CFR Part 1633. Such products emit virtually no smoke and no toxic fumes and do not melt or flow when in contact with heat or flame.

    Environmentally sound beer filtration with viscose speciality fibres

    In a joint research project with Krones AG we have developed viscose fibres to filter yeast and other impurities out of beer. These fibres present an alternative to the current commonly used filter medium, diatomite, which has come under criticism for health and safety reasons and for which the disposal costs are therefore increasing.

    By using tailor-made viscose fibres filtration parameters such as the degree of filtration, the pressure drop or the selective removal of undesired elements can be controlled in a precise and custom-designed way. Viscose fibres are neutral in taste, physiologically and hygienically sound and therefore ideally suited for applications in sensitive food applications – and they are completely biodegradable and compostable.

  • Danufil® IR - First Viscose Fibre with permanently incorporated Infrared-Heat Reflection

    The human body releases a large part of its energy via thermal radiation (infrared light) – which leads to a loss of energy and therefore to a cooling of the human body. This newly developed viscose fibre reflects thermal radiation emanating from a body.

    Textiles with this thermal effect can increase the well-being of the wearer and - thanks to improved blood circulation – even lead to a better performance and a faster regeneration in sports.

    As the mineral IR-reflecting particles are incorporated into the fibre core a topical – and therefore removable - treatment with additives based on titanium oxide is not necessary and the typical properties of a viscose fibre such as wearer comfort, softness and skin friendliness are preserved.

    Technical Data Sheet Danufil® IR

    Viloft® Short Cut – for flushable wet wipes!

    Viloft® Short-cut enables the production of wet wipes that meet the demands of the Flushability Guidelines (INDA / EDANA) – i.e. they can be flushed down the toilet without the danger of clogging – yet are at the same time soft, highly absorbent and strong according to customer’s specific needs.

    Due to its flat cross section, Viloft® offers a large surface and therefore sufficient bonding area to lock in other cellulosic fibres such as pulp. At the same time, the crenelated fibre surface and the fibre’s specific stiffness properties provide a broad target area that can be efficiently attacked by water on flushing and lead to a more efficient dispersion of the tissue.

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  • Outlast® Universe – climate comfort at its best!

    Outlast® Universe is a new filling material consisting of 70% down and 30% PCM viscose fibres, whereby down deliver lightness and fluffy volume while PCM viscose fibres optimise the climate comfort. The viscose speciality tailor-made for this application is a short cut fibre with a higher dtex and therefore a higher diameter which ensures a high loading of phase change materials (PDMs) and therefore a higher functionality. The frequent loading and discharging of PCMs balances temperature swings quickly and reduces sweating from the start. More comfort, more hygiene and at the same time reduced material costs speak for Universe. Outlast® Universe is perfectly suited as a filling for textiles (e.g. winter jackets) and home textiles (e.g. bedding).

    Danufil® Proshade® - Melange 2.0

    Danufil® Proshade® is a melange yarn consisting of a blend of standard viscose fibres and Kelheim’s speciality viscose fibre Danufil® Deep Dye and is only dyed as needed at a later stage in the process.

    This is made possible by the difference in intensity and speed of the dye pick-up of the viscose fibres spun into Danufil® ProShade®.

    Salt-free dyeing in thousands of different melange colours, savings in terms of water, energy and time, yet a consistently high dyeing quality and furthermore the economisation in warehousing already dyed yarns or textiles: Danufli® Proshade® enables a fast, flexible and efficient production even of small coloured melange lots on demand.

    Danufil® ProShade® is offered in all yarn technologies and exclusively available from Linz Textil.

    Learn more about Danufil® Proshade® here!

    Danufil® Deep Dye – on the lookout for colour

    Garments in bold colours frequently tend to bleed when washed. Colours bleed from textiles and other garments in the same wash load soak them up and can become discoloured, mostly turning greyer and greyer.

    Nonwoven fabrics made using Danufil® Deep Dye can prevent this process: Thanks to its extraordinary fast dye pick up, the speciality fibre traps bleeding colours before other garments can be damaged. The colour-catching functionality is locked into the core of the ionically activated fibre and eliminates the need for a more complex functional treatment of the fabric.

  • The Static Dissipative Viscose Fibre

    Our static dissipative viscose fibre maintains the typical properties of all viscose fibres – for example its high absorbency – as the electrically conductive additives are incorporated into the fibre’s core. This black fibre can be used in workwear to protect against static discharges and for the protection of electronic components and personnel. When used in moisture detection, for example in patient care end uses, it offers benefits in sensor systems as a result of its high sensitivity.

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  • The Fibre that sets Quats free

    The speciality fibre Danufil® QR is tailor-made for use in disinfectant wipes. Due to their negative charge, standard viscose fibres bind up to 80% of the so-called “quats” (quaternary ammonium compounds), widely used disinfectant substances, hindering their actual purpose. The positively charged Danufil® QR resolves the issue by reducing this undesired effect to less than 10%. Finally, disinfectant wipes can benefit from properties like softness or excellent fluid handling, which make viscose fibres a sought after raw material for other hygiene, medical or food applications.

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