Danufil® - making the difference in textiles

With a firm base in wovens and growing rapidly in the jersey market, DANUFIL® delivers reliable, easy-care fabrics which retain their shape and colour. When you select DANUFIL® in 100% form or to add quality in any blend, you can be sure of creating fabrics and garments with exquisite, body-skimming fluidity and luxurious drape.

Just as important, DANUFIL® delivers the highly sought comfort factor, combined with a truly distinctive handle that makes quality fabrics stand out!

In addition to the standard ecru range, with DANUFIL® spun-dyed fibre, vibrant, lasting colours can be achieved.

In technical end uses, fabrics and yarns manufactured from DANUFIL® fibres deliver the high levels of purity and consistency required. DANUFIL® fibres are naturally absorbent and have excellent anti-static properties.


Technical Datasheet Danufil® Short Staple

Technical Datasheet Danufil® Long Staple

Technical Datasheet Danufil® Optical White