Danufil® BF - making the difference in Flame Retardant Materials

Sustainable fibres provide completely new approaches to meet the needs of a modern society. The interest in sustainable fibre solutions is constantly increasing.

One of Kelheim Fibres’ latest developments, DANUFIL® BF, is a perfect symbiosis of an organic component, wood pulp, and an anorganic silica matrix. This hybrid fibre provides inherent flame retardant properties without the need of additional chemical treatment.

Danufil® BF can be used in the production of products, which meet the US Federal Mattress flammability standard 16 CFR Part 1633. Such products emit virtually no smoke and no toxic fumes and do not melt or flow when in contact with heat or flame. The organic compounds carbonize at approximately 800°C and a silica structure remains behind which acts as a flame barrier and protects any materials underneath.

Danufil® BF fibres offer a non toxic and environmentally friendly FR solution without the use of halogens.


Technical Datasheet Danufil® BF