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Internships, Bachelor, Master

For pupils

What comes after school? Which profession corresponds to my abilities and suits me best? Get to know us and we will help you answer these questions!

We will support you as regards the first steps towards the right career choice. We offer one-week “trial apprenticeships” in all our training occupations. We offer internships for technical, commercial and scientific occupations.

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For students

An internship or a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis are often the first step towards a future career. Set the course for your career with us! We offer you the opportunity to complete basic and specialist internships as well as practical semesters with us and are happy to supervise your final thesis.

We offer you a wide range of deployment, especially in mechanical and process engineering – but also in other fields, too. With us, you will get the opportunity to discover and extend the depth of your own abilities.

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